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Hotel 66

Offers a comfortable accomodation in a senere environment near forest and bodies of water. Visitors can use a spacious garden with a seating near a fireplace. Hotel is situated in Fryšták near Zlín city. Although it is located outside a city bustle, it is well accessible from Zlin city: you can get here by car within 10 minutes.

We offer quality accomodation in Zlin region for acceptable prices. Our guests can take advantage of fashionably equipped high standard rooms or suits. Medial equipment belongs to the top in Central Europe, free wifi internet access is matter of course. That is why it suits for business trip visitors.

Holidaymakers can find nature and relaxation zone here both in summer and winter season, yet easy accessibility to the Zlin city. Nearby spa Kostelec provides healing springs and procedures for treatmen musculoskeletal system.

Hotel is reconstructed. Originally it was an agricultural homestead. An offspring of original owners tried to prolog the famous american dream route, Route 66, to the Central Europe. He did not live to see neither success, nor the time when his dreams could be put into practice. A torso of unknown machine remains him.


Dolnoveska 66
763 16 Frystak
+420 725 523 388
+420 577 912 735

LAT = 49.27499, LNG = 17.673921